Marketing & Analytics

Data collection is an intricate part of marketing. A website is the core to modern marketing stratagies. It simply is not enough to add a few lines of tracking code and boast web traffic analytics. The information is only as good as the data that is collected. Web Design Studio filters out erroneous data and in-house traffic to insure accurate up to date information. WDS also understands how the data is collected and can arrange the data to target the information pertinent to a clients individual needs, structure the tracking of individual marketing campaigns, track conversion rates, and so much more. When you employ the team at Web Design Studio, you recieve not only cutting edge design, you gain a team that understands your data, and how it relates to you.

Form & Function

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.” Web design has to be both attractive and functional. All too often website design teams sacrifice one for the other. Web Design Studio was formed by a gifted computer programmer and a digital artist, with the goal of merging form and function, to create great design. This split in professional disciplines offers up a unique advantage over other firms. Web Design Studio is constantly aware of the duality of design, and takes pride in the craftsmanship of every web site they create. A single pixel out of place or a strange anomally in function is not acceptable and is kept in check. Poor design should never be an option.

Hosting & Domain Registration

Hosting is such a small part of what we offer, but as such, it is certainly not taken lightly. We offer redundant back up servers with 99% uptime on a scaleable platform that connects websites to users around the clock 24-7-365! We also register domains and will never hold them hostage. If we purchase a domain on someones behalf and for some reason they would like to transfer to another host, they are free to take it with them and incur no other charges. Other design firms try to use unique domains as leverge, we feel our leverage is superior service, not someone else’s name.

Search Engine Marketing

In todays online world, it is not enough to have a website optimized for search engines. We excel at SEO, but find it is not good enough to just be found and indexed by the top search engines. In order to market our clients to search engines, we strategically engineer the data, so a client’s message is found by the intended audience. We not only want to appeal to those users intrested in your products or services, we want to market to those intrested in buying your products or services.

Search Engine Optimization

At Web Design Studio, we believe that web design at its core must be optimized for search engines. When we create a web presense, the SEO is built into the process. Simply put, “A website without SEO is useless!” You can have the best looking site, but if it is not effectively being indexed by the major search engines, it is worthless to you and your business.

Service With A Smile

You need service, and we are here to provide. We have a brick and mortar office and keep regular business hours so you know where we can be found. If you are having an issue with a site we created for you, then your problem becomes ours and we want to fix it. You can access our team after hours directly, and WDS will get you up and running and back in business. Dead links, out dated information, or new promotions need to be addressed immediately, not setting in some customer service queue waiting for the next available associate. Web Design Studio is a small firm and values every customer, and it shows. We consider our clients as part of our team, and we hope they consider us a valuable part of their operations.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.”

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